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May 1, 2022

“My Hip Replacement Journey”

When you have always been a very active person the last words you want to hear are, “you’re going to need a total hip replacement”!

As a fitness instructor hearing that your recovery period will span over six weeks can be quite a jolt. To be honest though, that short period of time is nothing compared to living with pain every single day! Prior to my surgery I had been suffering from severe and constant hip flexor and groin pain for six months. During that time, I was off and, on a cane, limited to what extent I could truly lead my fitness classes and even every day activities such as doing laundry and cleaning was challenging. I found myself becoming very blue, a sadness that I wasn’t used to feeling. I now have such a better understanding and compassion for those who suffer from pain on a daily basis.

Well, my six weeks came and went and I am happy to report that even though I am still in the recovery stages I am virtually pain-free! I have acquired a new awareness throughout this experience though. One of the major things learned is to slow down and take a good look at those around you. I have always been one to be in a hurry in a grocery store, walking, driving etc. The first time I ventured out after my surgery I was very nervous about people running into me. I am now very conscious of those I see limping, those with a cane or those walking slowly behind their shopping cart. I don’t rush past them in fact, I give them a smile as I walk by them to let them know it’s ok to slow down. On my first outing after surgery, I felt I was in the way and was holding people up. It’s not a very nice feeling when people zoom past you without even giving you a second thought. Lesson learned! Awareness about others hidden or not so hidden struggles/pain is a trait that I am embarrassed to say I was lacking but, it’s a trait that I will forever be aware of now due to personal circumstance.

Here’s another really interesting thing I learned; hip replacements aren’t just for old people! I’m in a “hip replacement for active people” group on social media and I am one of the older members in this group to have hip replacements. One of the other members completed a poll in the group and the ages with the most replacements were 40- to 50-year-olds.

I kept a written journal throughout my recovery and included a list of things I was grateful for because there were and still are some tough days. One of the major things I was grateful for were people! So many wonderful people brought us meals, flowers, care packages, books, cards, check-in texts and calls. I was so touched and grateful for such kindness. I also decided to make a video diary of my recovery as well. If I’m feeling sorry for myself for not recovering as quickly as I’d like to, I look back at how far I’ve come and I’m happy again!

I hope you too will enjoy watching my journey and take a moment to slow down and be more aware of those around you who may be in physical pain or some type of recovery.



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